Using Cialis To Ensure You Have A Healthy Sex Life

If you are a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction, then you know how much it can impact your ability to have a healthy sex life. Not being able to satisfy your partner is something no man wants to think about. It causes a lot of frustrations, and despite having an understanding partner eventually they will get tired of not being able to get their needs met. Well with the advent of Cialis this does not have to be an issue anymore. In fact, men who have impotence problems have never had an easier more effective solution that Cialis.

Now Viagra got in on the game first by making an oral treatment to help with erectile dysfunction. But now Cialis has taken over as the ED drug of choice. One of the main reasons for this is because it does not have the same side effects as Viagra. It has undergone much better clinical testing as well. There are other medications out there though for ED, such as Levitra. Levitra has built a reputation for itself, but it is still not as good as Cialis. Cialis can be said to be the drug of the future for men with serious ED problems.

One reassuring thing about Cialis is that it is made by a very trusted and respected company. The pharmaceutical company that makes Cialis is Eli Lily and Company. Cialis got approved by the US FDA in November 2003 as a drug to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. So men who were looking for superior sexual health were able to get just that when they started using Cialis. The improvements men see in terms of sexual health are way better than what they might get with the competition.

What makes Cialis so good?

Cialis is not just another drug designed to treat ED like other drugs out there. The medication has a lot of strong points that make men choose it over the competition. First it is able to work in the body much faster than other ED drugs. For the most part it only takes about 15-30 minutes for men to begin seeing the effects of Cialis once they take it. Cialis also is able to stay in a mans body for longer periods of time, up to 36 hours. So what does all of this mean? It means that men will be able to satisfy their partners and get increased sexual pleasure.

Just think about what it means for men whose sex life suffers because of ED problems. With Cialis they can go from not even being able to engage in the act to having a better sex life than what they might have had before. An improved sex life is going to do a lot for the psyche of a man and for his partner. Men who use Cialis will not want to even think about using an alternative.

As far as how a man would go about getting Cialis, this is not a problem. Cialis is not in short supply, but this does not mean it is going to be cheap to get. If your insurance does not cover the cost then you will spend a pretty penny. But look at it this way, how much is it worth to you as a man to have a good, healthy sex life? Speaking with your doctor to get Cialis might be a little uncomfortable, but they will give you a prescription as long as they know you really need it.

You definitely will not want to think about getting this medication without having a prescription. This would be putting you at serious risk, and not just because you would be breaking the law. You would also be taking the drug without knowing if you are truly suited for it or if there might be problems with your health that might interfere with it working.

Your sexual health is important and Cialis can help to make sure you are able to enjoy a healthy sex life that any adult should be able to enjoy. Remember, this drug is superior to Viagra, but it is not much cheaper.